JULY 2017

JULY 2017

Moon Area Band Parent Organization Meeting 

July 24, 2017

Submitted by Laura A Wall, Secretary, MABPO 

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Treasurer’s Report, Joe DeNardo 

Not given at this meeting.

President’s Comments, Sherri Von Stein 

Please submit the volunteer forms that were mailed out. Get involved in some way. We need parents/families to be involved. Some of the opportunities available are: chaperone, concession worker, trailer crew, bakers, advertising, sewers, prop builders. There are many volunteer opportunities.

Job shadowing is available. If there is something that interests you, please let us know and we can set up shadowing so you can find out more about it.

Website - Stay connected by visiting www.moonband.org. Newsletters, fundraiser information, schedules, pictures, and more are available on the website.

Fundraisers - Money from fundraisers either goes to the General Fund (GF) or individual Student Accounts (SA). The General Fund benefits everyone and provides for student meals, camp expenses, equipment maintenance, storage fees, banquet expenses, Senior gifts, and more. Student Accounts are used to pay for trips such as Disney and BOA, formal wear, and winter guard fees.

Donations - Anyone who signed up for donations of snacks and supplies for band camp should bring the donations on Sunday morning when you drop off your student. When we get back from camp a Sign-Up Genius will be distributed to donate snacks for football games.

Chaperone link - If you are interested in being a chaperone, please use the link provided in the June mailer to access the Google doc listing all of the available chaperone opportunities. All chaperones must have the appropriate clearances on file with the MABPO Secretary. Please forward hard copies of clearances to Laura Wall. Currently more chaperones are needed for Kennywood.

2017 Tour T-shirts - This year’s tour shirts will be available for sale soon. Look for the order form online.

Band camp fees - Fees are due tonight. Please see Treasurer, Vicki Hricz.

Volunteer forms - Please return the volunteer forms so we can match you with available volunteer opportunities.

Fundraising opportunities - Tonight we have launched our first fundraiser. We are selling tickets based on the evening daily number in September. Each ticket is $10 and will pay out based on the schedule on the ticket. Other fundraising opportunities will be highlighted by Georganna Palmer.

Band notes - Any 2017 graduates should return their yard notes this week. These notes are repainted yearly and distributed to the current Senior class to be displayed in each student’s yard.

Truck crew - More help is always welcome with the truck crew. They are responsible for driving our equipment trailers to and from all events. Please see Sherri Von Stein or Bob Stathers if you are interested.

Twelve month timeline

  • Please revisit it for upcoming opportunities.


Calendar of Events

Please see calendar on website for a complete and current listing of important events. If you have not done so already, please sync your calendar with the band/orchestra Google calendar.

Mr. Fear, Percussion Director

This year’s competition show is entitled “BLOOM”. We will need help with packing and loading trucks and moving the front ensemble at games/shows. Please encourage students to hydrate.

Band Director’s Comments, Mr. Nick Barthen

  • We need lots of help. Please sign-up as much as you can.
  • Sign-up for the newsletter.
  • Shoes - order is due by Tuesday morning - Please see Mrs. Wolf if you have not already placed an order and need shoes.
  • Medical forms - Please fill them out completely and honestly. The forms are carried to all events and are kept confidential.
  • Away camp - We leave July 30 with students arriving between 10:30-11:30am.
    • Luggage checks will be done by same sex adult volunteers. Student must be present during the check and parents are encouraged to be present.
    • Bring lunch to eat at school. Students are not permitted to leave once they arrive for check-in. The first meal at camp will be dinner at about 5pm.
    • End of camp - If someone other than the stuent’s parent will be taking the student home, it is mandatory that an email is sent to Mr. Barthen as far in advance as possible.
  • General Parent Hints:
    • Volunteer
    • Read information
    • Sign-up for account on www.moonband.org
    • Sign-up for Twitter
    • Sign-up for Remind (in band handbook)
    • Check Mr. Barthen’s Skyward page
    • Encourage your child and others
    • Socialize, watch rehearsals, watch run throughs
    • Attend games/competitions
  • Disney Trip - Approximate cost of $975
    • Tues, Feb 13 (leave) -> Mon, Feb 19 (return)
    • Students will need money for meals on the way to and from Florida - all other meals are covered by the trip cost
    • Take advantage of fundraising to offset the trip costs
  • Fundraising payments go in the “Band Parent Mailbox” on the wall in the band room.

Strings Director Comments, Mrs. Megan Martz

Not present.


Next meeting is scheduled for Aug 17, 2017 @ 7PM immediately preceded by a closed Executive Board meeting at 6PM.

With no further comments or questions, a motion to adjourn was made by Carla Collier and seconded by Andrea Ward.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 PM.