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2018 Chaperone Volunteers Needed


The MAHS Marching Band relies upon many parent volunteers to make our band travel down the road.  We need around 8-10 parent chaperones for every event.  We are soliciting these volunteers electronically via Microsoft Forms, go to https://goo.gl/XvTJTp or scan the QR code to complete the form.  There is also be a link on www.moonband.org site. Fill out the form, and press submit. You will be notified of your assignments over the summer via e-mail.  If you cannot access this form, please contact Mr. Barthen for a paper form.  Under PA Law Act 153, all adults who are requesting to volunteer must submit 2 and/or 3 clearances.  The process is outlined on the Microsoft form.  Please download the Clearance Guidelines located on the sign-up form for clarification and directions. 

Discipline. Teamwork. Camaraderie.

Just a few of the reasons to become a member of the
MAHS Instrumental Music Program.

Alumni Stories

Hannah Bartus

Hannah Bartus

Symphonic & Marching Band - Class of '15

I am currently a sophomore Cyber Forensics and Information Security major at Robert Morris University.  I was a 4-year saxophone player in marching band and an oboist in symphonic band.

Band has been a great influence on my life.  The biggest impact is that it always reminded me that I could still do better.  We were always reminded that there is no point in practicing to just be mediocre, and I have been able to take that lesson with me in everything that I do.  I know the reward of working to be as successful as I can be, not just so I'm "good enough”.

Selena Rossi

Selena Rossi

Marching Band - Class of '14

My experience with the Moon Area Junior and Senior High school band was more than just learning to play instruments such as the keyboard and clarinet, it was about a way to learn about teamwork or working with others. These shared wonderful and unforgettable experiences over time have built long lasting relationships and fun friendships. The long rehearsals built a foundation for discipline now that I am in college by establishing good time management principles. In addition, I represented both my school and community in a respectful manner at all of the performances and competitions. It taught me to be courteous in all situations, from practice to football games. Therefore, I gained valuable experience in skills that reach far beyond musical notes and instruments that will have many positive impacts as I mature into my adulthood.