Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 4th - Band Concert

Concert 7PM
At this time, the concert will be a live streamed only event.  Spectators/audience members will not be permitted to attend the performance.  A YouTube link will be provided and shared.




Discipline. Teamwork. Camaraderie.

Just a few of the reasons to become a member of the
MAHS Instrumental Music Program.

Alumni Stories

Daniela Schmitz

Daniela Schmitz

Marching Band & Winter Color Guard - Class of '19

I had the fortune of being a member of the Moon Area High School Marching Band for all 4 years of high school.  I was also a member of Jazz Band and the Pit Orchestra ensembles.  The greatest skill I gained from participating in band was time management.  I learned how to balance schoolwork, marching band, and a social life.  I made close friends and, through the process, gained valuable communication skills.  Above all, though, I simply had fun every practice and experienced the unmatched satisfaction of being a part of something bigger than myself

Johnathan Von Stein

Johnathan Von Stein

Symphonic & Marching Band - Class of '13

I was a part of the Moon Area Marching Band from 8th grade to my senior year, and I played the trumpet during that time.  I was a part of Jazz Band II my freshman and sophomore years, and I was a member of the Symphonic Band my junior and senior years.  I did not end up pursuing music in my higher education, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my time in the instrumental music program.  I made a bunch of friends, and I definitely grew in my skills of leadership, cooperation, teamwork, and responsibility.  These skills are just some of many that will be developed while in band.  I continue to utilize them in my everyday interactions with people, work, and life in general.  I graduated from Grove City College in May 2017.