July 2016

July 2016


Moon Area Band Parent Organization Meeting 

July 25, 2016

Submitted by Laura A Wall, Secretary, MABPO 

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The minutes from the May 2016 meeting have been posted.

President’s Comments, Sherri VonStein 

Mrs. Von Stein introduced herself.

Website - Everyone is encouraged to register on the website (www.moonband.org) , read the website, and read the weekly newsletter. Phase 2 of the website will be launched soon. Students were given letters in June with a special access code. This code is needed to view information specific to your student such as the student account balance. If you have misplaced the letter or did not receive it please notify Mrs. Von Stein.

Volunteers Needed – There are many volunteer opportunities no matter your time or talent. PIMBA Championships are being hosted by Moon this year and will require many volunteers to be successful. Please fill out the blue volunteer form. If there is an area that you would like to shadow before committing please let us know.

Chaperones Needed - Throughout the year we need lots of help chaperoning. Chaperones are required to have clearances. Information to obtain clearances can be found on the website. Please contact secretary@moonband.org with questions regarding clearances and to submit clearances.

Away Band Camp – The current newsletter has a link to donate items for camp. If you are available to help check luggage, load luggage/equipment/donations on Sunday please contact president@moonband.org.

Introduction of the Executive Board – President – Sherri Von Stein; Treasurer – Joe DeNardo; Secretary – Laura Wall; VP Communications – Laurie Caraher; VP Concessions – Jenn Daugherty; VP Corporate Partnership – Christianne and Andy Gribben; VP Fundraising – Georganna Palmer; Aramark Co-Chairs – Tina & Lance Sinclair (PNC Park), Frances Lewis (Heinz Field); VP Publicity – Grace Cap

Special acknowledgement to Shelly Trondle who served as our webmaster for the last couple of years of the old website.

Special Positions: Band Nurse – Jamie Zelazny; Seamstress Coordinator – Denise Wolf; Photographer – Jared Tuk; Alumni  Co-Chair – Cindy Bartus & Linda Rossi

Comments from Executive Board and Special Positions:

Laura Wall – Please sign up to volunteer and chaperone. All clearances instructions can be found on the website. Feel free to email secretary@moonband.org with any questions and to submit clearances.

Laurie Caraher – Please look through the new website. Read the newsletter. Be sure to complete and return the Communications Form.

Cindy Bartus - Shop with Scrip Program – The program offers a wide array of gift cards for your purchase. For each gift card that you purchase through the program, the Alumni Association receives a percentage back. Gift cards can be ordered once a month. In the months that MABPO meetings are scheduled, card delivery will be the same day as the parent meeting. Other months will be coordinated by Mrs. Bartus with those who order. Cindy Bartus passed out order forms. If interested, parents can register online and complete the order online. Payment must be made by check no matter if the order is online or on paper. The alumni group is also taking orders for alumni apparel. Please join the alumni organization as soon as you have a student that has graduated. Please email alumni@moonband.org with questions.

Calendar of Events

Please see calendar on website for a complete and current listing of important events. If you have not done so already, please sync your calendar with the band/orchestra Google calendar

Band Director’s Comments, Mr. Nick Barthen

Mr. Barthen encouraged everyone to read, read, read. This will alleviate many questions and emails. Important information is provided via the website, mail, email, and on Edline.

Mr. Barthen introduced the staff working with the marching band for the upcoming season.

Student leaders will be announced at the end of the week at Home Camp.

Home Camp – Fri, July 29 lunch will be provided on campus by Clearview FCU.

Gloves & Compression shirts – All wind players will be required to purchase at least 1 pair of gloves for $3/pair. All band members (except color guard) should have turned in an order for a compression shirt on July 19. This shirt must be worn as the top layer underneath the uniform top. This will protect the uniform.

Shoes – The shoe fitting was earlier today. If you need shoes and did not place an order earlier please see Mr. Barthen immediately after this meeting.

Drop-off/Pick-up – ONLY AT THE NATATORIUM – Keep the traffic moving and watch for students walking and pushing equipment.

Away Camp

  • Once students arrive to campus they are not permitted to leave.
  • Sunday check-in- 10:30am-11:30am – buses pull-out at 12:15pm
  • Luggage check and Medication check lines – do both – doesn’t matter which one first
  • Medication – All students must have the self-medication form regardless of whether or not they have medications. Prescription meds must be in original containers labeled with student name, medication name and quantity. Over the counter medications must be in new, unopened containers.
  • Meals – First provided meal will be Sunday dinner. Please eat or bring food to eat at the school while waiting for the buses to leave.
  • Preview show – Fri, Aug 5 @ 6pm – W&J Stadium – directions in handbook – After the show students will ride back to the dorms via school bus. Check-in with Mr. Redd before taking your student home. If your student will be going home with another parent please send a note or email to Mr. Barthen ASAP. Mr. Barthen must get these approved by the HS Principal, Mr. Balaski.

Fundraising & Money – Do not give these to Mr. Barthen or any staff. All fundraising and money should be put in envelopes and inserted into the Band Parent Mailbox in the band room.

Strings Director Comments, Mrs. Megan Martz


Next meeting is scheduled for Aug 18, 2016 @ 7PM. Closed Executive Board meeting @ 6PM to precede the Parent Meeting.

With no further comments or questions, a motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Collier, seconded by Mrs. Zbihley.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.