Symphonic Band


The Symphonic Band at Moon Area High School features the finest musicians in the Moon Area band program, and students receive honors credit. This course provides students with a balanced comprehensive study of music through the concert band idiom, which develops skills in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains. Instruction is designed so that students are enabled to connect, examine, imagine, define, try, extend, refine, and integrate music study into other subject areas. Ensemble and solo activities are designed to develop elements of musicianship including, but not limited to: (1) tone production; (2) technical skills; (3) intonation; (4) music reading skills; (5) listening skills; (6) analyzing music; and (7) studying historically significant styles of literature.

Experiences include, but are not limited to, conducting, playing by ear, and sight-reading. Students develop the ability to understand and convey the composer’s intent in order to connect the performer with the audience. Students experience live performances by professionals during and outside of the school day. Time outside of the school day may be scheduled for dress rehearsals and performances. Public performances serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals. Students are required to participate in performance opportunities, outside of the school day, that support and extend learning in the classroom. Students in Symphonic Band are required to participate in the Marching Band.

Band repertoire must be of the highest caliber. Mastery of advanced wind band technique must be evident. Areas of refinement consist of advanced techniques including, but not limited to: (1) intonation; (2) balance and blend; (3) breathing; (4) tone production; (5) tone quality; (6) technique; (7) rhythm; (8) sight-reading; and (9) critical listening skills. Evaluation of music and music performances is included. In addition, students will perform, with expression and technical accuracy, a large and varied repertoire of concert band literature that is developmentally appropriate. Evaluation of music and music performances is included.

Performance Attire: All members of the Wind Ensemble will be responsible for the purchase of performing attire for the school year. Formal Wear information is distributed each summer and is required for all students.

Please refer to the Music Department Calendar for scheduled performances.

Notable Performances

  • 2013 & 2017 - Pennsylvania Music Educators State Conference Invited Performers
  • 2014 – Featured performers in the River City Brass Band Concert “Sleigh Ride to the Moon”
  • 2008 – PA Council of the Arts featured performance at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • 2006 – 2016 – Featured performers at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida


  • 2007 – 2017 – PMEA State Adjudication Superior (I) Ratings