Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ May 18, 2020

Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ May 18, 2020

Thursday, May 21 – Band Parents Meeting ONLINE 7PM

Due to the District closure all other events are postponed or cancelled, refer to the District Website for more information

Please mark your calendar for May 21st.  Due to the current situation the regularly scheduled MABPO meeting will be held in an online forum this month.  Agenda and instructions will be emailed to the MABPO members along with the link.  If you have not been receiving regular newsletter emails and would like to have your email address added, please contact Sarah at

Save the Date: 
The 2019/2020 Annual Band Banquet has been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday, July 19th. We will provide details as we draw nearer to the date and, as is the case with all events at the present time, it will be subject to our ability to gather as a large group at that time.

Attention 2020 Seniors and Parents of Graduating Seniors!
Please click HERE and read about how join the Alumni Association.  We'd love for you to become a part of this group and stay connected with band parents and fellow marching band students.  We cannot wait until we are able to gather together again on a social basis.  Questions?  Contact

Being that this is my last season with the band I was looking for someone who is interested in shadowing me for the 2020-2021 season for the colorguard uniforms. You can contact me at 
Thank you Kathy Hunter 

Becky is looking for a co-chair for senior recognition night.   This is her last year doing it because Grace will be a senior the year after.  It’s a great spot to get your foot in the door!  And not a lot of time required.  Contact her at if you are interested.  Thank you!!! 

Contact for more information.

If you are interested in learning more about fundraising for your band student by working at Heinz Field, please contact Heather Park at Currently there are no scheduled events to sign up for, but stay tuned for the upcoming football season.

If you are interested in raising money for your Band student by working at PNC Park this upcoming 2020 baseball season, watch for Grand Slam Training coming soon!  This is a great opportunity to start filling those accounts in anticipation of next year’s trip or Band Camp. Most parents who participate pay nothing or very little for the Band Trips. If you have interest, please send an email to, with your contact information.  Also, if you are a Veteran of PNC Park and plan to continue, please confirm with an email.

Student accounts have been updated to reflect the Sarris and NewMe Pies fundraisers.  Thank you!​

Check out the available gear, click HERE.  There is a great assortment of items to show your Moon Area Band pride!   We have recently added some new stuff with the legacy logo.  Check it out!

Moon Band Parent Organization has a private Facebook group where events are posted.  It is a closed group and you can request access to “Moon Area Band Parent Organization”.  You will be prompted to identify your moon band student and the year they graduate.

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends, and Families:
I hope this email finds you happy, healthy, and SANE!  Being cooped up in a small space with a teen is tricky at best and a nightmare at worst. Just know that I would GLADLY take your kids off your hands if you agree to take mine!
I wanted you to know that I am beginning to engage with our administrative and district team about the return of students to our buildings and the challenges that are present, specifically relating to music. Student safety is at the center of every decision we make, and you should know that we are taking every action possible to protect your children. We are also working to ensure that your student gets as much of the "high school experience" as possible, including music.
As more specific information becomes available, I will reach back out to share. In the meantime, If there is anything that specifically concerns you or action you would like to see us take that would make you feel safe about sending your child back to making music, please reach out to me. I am available and open to all ideas. 
Very soon, we will know more about when and how we will be reopening our schools and as soon as that happens, I will be in touch. Until then, hang in there, know that I will have your students out from under your feet and back to making music as soon and as safely as I can.

Nick Barthen
Band Director – Moon Area H.S.

Instruments – Seniors ONLY – Please drop school instruments off at the High School when your textbook/laptop return time is scheduled.  Label the case with your name, I can figure everything else out from there.

MUSIC – Seniors ONLY – SYMPHONIC BAND – Please place a piece of masking tape on the outside of your folder and return when your textbook/laptop return time is scheduled.

UNDERCLASSMEN – Keep everything until summer/fall.  I will catch up with everyone at that time. 

If you instrument is in need of repair, please contact Mr. Barthen to discuss.

2020/2021 Color Guard Auditions – Information was e-mail on Saturday, May 9. If you know of someone who would like to audition, or need additional information, please e-mail Mr. Barthen at or Jenn Minamyer, MAHS Color Guard Director at

Mr. Barthen's "Official" Office Hours will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 10AM-11AM.  You can reach me by e-mail, then we can go from which format we can utilize.  I will be available via e-mail everyday, if you need something, please do not hesitate to contact.

On-Line Learning for Band - High School Elective time is on Wednesday's.  Please have your students check Skyward on Wednesday's for assignments.  These assignments will be due on Monday morning of each week at 8AM.  In addition, students should check-into Skyward Discussion section for daily class attendance between 8AM – 12PM on Elective Day, which is Wednesdays.

2020 Fall Band Competition Saturday Schedule
Saturday, September 19, 2020 - PIMBA Show at Burell H.S.
Saturday, October 3, 2020 - BOA Regional at Columbus, Ohio (Fortress Obetz) - ALL DAY! - THE S.A.T. NOT AVAILABLE THIS DATE - PLAN NOW!
Saturday, October 17, 2020 - PIMBA Competition at Norwin H.S.
Saturday, October 24, 2020 - PIMBA Championships at Gateway H.S.

2020 MAHS Marching Band Summer Rehearsal Schedule
Below is the Summer Rehearsal Schedule.  The entire Summer/Fall Rehearsal Schedule is available on Skyward or the Director's Tab of .
WIND, PERCUSSION AND AUXILIARY PRE-CAMPS - If you are in town, and not on vacation, you are expected to attend.
July 21, 22, 23               8:00 AM – 3:00 PM                    Percussion Pre-Camp at MAHS
July 21, 22, 23               5:00 PM – 9:00 PM                    Wind Pre-Camp at MAHS
July 21, 22, 23               5:00 PM – 9:00 PM                    Color Guard Pre-Camp at MAHS
HOME BAND CAMP - Mandatory to be in the MAHS Marching Band
July 27 – July 31            8:00 AM – 3:00PM                    Home Full Band Camp at MAHS
July 27 – July 30             5:00 PM – 9:00PM                    Home Band Camp for Auxiliary Units
July 31                          8:00 AM – 3:00PM                    Home Band Camp for Auxiliary Units
BAND CAMP –Location TBD  - Mandatory attendance to be in MAHS Marching Band
August 2 – August 7

The fee for this camp if it is off campus.

8/10 – P&A       8/17 – P&A                  
8/11 – W          8/18 – W                                 
8/13 – FULL      8/20 - FULL                  

- See KEY below for abbreviation meanings
SATURDAY, PRODUCTION REHEARSAL – Learn Drill, clinicians and drill writer in with MAHS Band. - ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED!!!!
Saturday, August 15 – 8AM – 4:00PM

Bands of America Ohio Regional  - Columbus - Saturday, October 3, 2020

The BOA Regional is the same date as the October SAT.  Please make arrangements to take either the August 29, December 5, or March  13 SAT TESTING.

NEW - The College Board has added a September 26 SAT Date – Marching Band will not be attending events on Saturday, September 26!

 Printed copies of clearances can be either dropped in the band room box or mailed to:
c/o Shea Corsetti
Suite 12, PMB 174
5990 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA  15108
Per the updated MASD policy, Clearances are valid for 5 years
Under PA Law Act 153, The State of Pennsylvania is requiring all adults who volunteer in any capacity within the school to obtain background checks. This will include parents who volunteer to chaperone the MAHS Marching Band at football games, parades, band camps, and trips. Chaperones are required to complete the PA State Police Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse History, and FBI Fingerprints. The FBI Fingerprint is only if the volunteer has not been a state of PA resident for at least 10 years. Please visit for additional information.
OR follow the steps below: 
All necessary instructions and links to apply for these certifications can be found HERE
Child Abuse Clearance click HERE 
1. Cost: Free
2. Create the account
3. Submit the required information
4. Print certificate and submit to MABPO Secretary
PA Criminal Background Check click HERE
1. Cost: Free
2. Click on "NEW RECORD CHECK" (Volunteers Only)
3. After the record check is complete, click on the blue control number
4. To view the certificate, click on the blue words "Certification Form"
5. Print the certificate and submit to the MABPO Secretary
FBI Fingerprinting click HERE
1. Cost: $27.50
2. Required for volunteers who have lived outside of PA in the last 10 years
3. Register on website
4. Take form to Cogent Fingerprinting location
5. Receive clearance and contact MABPO Secretary to arrange for original to be copied.
Contact if you have any questions.

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Questions, comments or suggestions contact

Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ May 18, 2020

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