Moon Area Instrumental Newsletter ~ May 14, 2018

Moon Area Instrumental Newsletter ~ May 14, 2018

Thursday, May 17 – Instrumental Parents Meeting 7PM
Sunday, May 20 - Instrumental Music Banquet
Wednesday, May 23 - Spring Instrumental Music Concert 7PM
Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day Parade

Wednesday, May 30 – Field Commander Auditions
Monday, June 4 – New Marching Band Parent Meeting – 6PM
Thursday, June 7 – Color Guard Auditions

Friday, June 8 – MAHS Graduation – All Instrumentalists perform

The delivery date for J&J Enterprises Hoagies and Pepperoni Roll is Wednesday, May 16.  Please contact with any questions.

If you are interested in working Concessions at PNC Park to raise money for your Band student, please contact Heather Park at  There will be a Training Session on May 23rd at 5 PM at PNC Park.  Let Heather know if you’d like to attend.  PNC Park offers a wider variety of days and times to work, so it better fits many parents' schedules.  Heather is now taking volunteers for the upcoming Kenny Chesney Concert at Heinz Field on June 2nd.  The report time is 2:30 and the payout is $120.  Please consider joining us and please contact Heather with any questions!

The MABPO is selling large red & white paneled golf umbrellas with “Moon Area” and the tiger logo printed on one panel.   Umbrellas are $15.00 each.  If you’d like to buy an umbrella, please contact Sherri directly at 

Please mark your calendar for May 17th.  We will be *voting on future MABPO Membership. 
(*must be a member in good standing to be eligible to vote). 

Please stay informed and keep up to date with your organization.  As always, monthly Meeting Minutes are posted on

All student accounts are current with the proceeds from the spaghetti dinner. 

Scrip gift card orders will be delivered at the Band Parent meeting on Thursday, May 17th.  Any questions contact Cindy Bartus at

Eligible students who have completed one year of band or orchestra are eligible to place an order.  Order forms were sent out to these students the Week of May 7th. Students will have the opportunity to try on jackets on Memorial Day before departing for the Sewickley Parade.  It is STRONGLY recommended a parent be present for the fitting if there are questions on how the jacket will fit.  Recommendations will be made on size, but it is ultimately the student and parent's decision on what size to order.  Jacket sizing is unisex.  Both Band and Orchestra Order Forms have been placed on the website at (Info/Forms/Order).  The DUE DATE for payment is Friday, June 8th.  LATE ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!  If you have any questions, contact Denise Wolf at or call at (412) 580-3147.   Payment can be placed in the Band/Orchestra Room Parent Mailbox or mailed along with the order form to MABPO, Suite 12, PMB 174, 5990 University Blvd. Moon Township, PA 15108.

It is suggested that current Symphonic Band and Orchestra students should check the fit on their formal wear in the event they will need a different size in the fall.  Anyone wishing to sell their used formal wear (graduating seniors!!!) may contact Denise Wolf at to provide item details.  These items will go on the Re-Sale List in the fall when students are buying items for the new school year.  


UNIFORM/FLAG HELP FOR MARCHING BAND - We are in need of help in the following areas for the upcoming 2018 marching band season!  WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF ANYONE WHO CAN HELP HEM UNIFORMS! 

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. The fitting crew fits our band members to a predetermined uniform.  They then make notations of what may need to be altered.  Training will be provided. Must be available Must be available during Music Camp (June 18th—20th).

HEMMING CREW – Must be able to hand stitch a hem using a “whipstitch” or “over/under” (depending on what you call it). Training will be provided to explain how to read the hemming instructions for each uniform.  You should also be able to sew a straight and zigazg stitch on a sewing machine, as well as provide sewing machine. Hemming is done at home after signing out uniforms - then they are returned upon completion. All hemming must be completed no later than August due to the timing of away band camp and Kennywood.  Hemming can start with the Music Camp over June 18-20th. 

CUTTING CREW – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Training will be provided. The cutting crew cuts the individual pieces of flags out then puts the sewing kits together for our flag sewers. Must be available select evenings in August after away band camp. We cut in the art room at the high school.  Good scissors that cut fabric and a good sense of fun are all that is required! 

SEWING CREW – Must have a sewing machine.  There will be a “group review class” for those who need reminded on the basics.  We will be using straight and zigzag stitches.  Flags are usually sewn at home with detailed directions and provide own sewing machine. Flags are sewn at home with detailed sewing instructions and pictures. However, help is available for anyone who needs it.  Trusted family members or friends are welcome to sew with us as well! (A trusted family member/friend is defined as someone who will accurately sew a flag and return it on time.) Flag sewing takes place during the months of August and September with the final flags being completed mid-September. This is a vital area of need and your help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Please contact Denise Wolf before the school year ends at or 412-580-3147.

CLEANING CREW – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Training will be provided. Periodically through the year, the uniforms are sent to the dry cleaners for cleaning. When they are returned, the jackets are separate from the pants. The cleaning crew puts the uniforms back together and returns them to the uniform room. Must be available a handful of select evenings throughout the year. 

CHAPERONE CREW – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Training will be provided. After a performance, the students are required to hang their uniforms back in the uniform room neatly. The chaperone crew quickly checks that they have hung their uniform back on the hanger neatly and accurately. This extends the life of our uniforms and keeps them looking crisp. Must be available select evenings before/after football games, concerts, parades, etc. A schedule will be developed assigning responsibility to each performance.

Fitting and hemming help is the most urgent at the present time. Please contact Denise Wolf before this school year ends at for those two areas, but anytime over the summer for the other areas. Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

2018/2019 Fall Sports Physicals for Marching Band Students.
MASD requires all students who participate in Marching Band to obtain a Physical Examination from either their personal physician or the school physician.  All students/parents must register on the PA 8 to 18 Athletic site and select band as the fall sport.  Parents must fill out the on-line portion of the physical examination, then print out the physician/doctor portion to take with them to the examination. 
The school will be sponsoring physical examination on Monday, June 4 and Wednesday July 25 at the High School Athletic Office from 5PM-7PM.  The cost is $20.
All band students must have completed their registration on PA 8 to 18 Athletic site and obtain a physical prior to departing for away band camp on July 29.

Memorial Day Parade – 5/28/18
The MAHS Marching Band will be performing in the Sewickley Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 28.  Student report time is 8AM.  We will return back to school by 12pm.  This is a graded event.

Symphonic Band Auditions – DUE 5/18
Audition music is available on Skyward or on the “Table of Knowledge” in the Band Room.  Students should record excerpts and submit to Mr. Barthen by 5/18.  Specific details can be found on the audition music.  If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Barthen.

Marching Band Color Guard Auditions
MAHS Marching Band will be holding open auditions for the 2018/2019 season. 

Rehearsal dates/times are as follows:
     - New members wishing to audition: May 29, May 30,  May 31 – 6pm-8:30pm
     - ALL members wishing to audition (both vets and new): June 4, June 5, June 6 – 6pm-8pm
     - Audition: June 7 – 5:30PM

Marching Band Percussion Auditions – May 31, 2018 – Sign-up for a time with Mr. Fear
Marching Band Field Commander Auditions
     - Audition Meeting – May 16 – 2:30-2:45 – MAHS Band Room
     - Audition – May 30 – 3:30pm – MAHS Band Room

Graduation Ceremony – June 8, 2018 – Report at 6PM
All MAHS Band students are required to perform at the Graduation Ceremony on June 8, 2018.  Report time is 6PM, ceremony begins at 7:30.

Private Instrumental Lessons
Private Instrumental lessons is a great way to excel on your instrument. Not only will you learn specific techniques on your instrument, from a teacher who is an expert on your instrument, but also it will open doors to new repertoire, solo, ensemble, etc. Private lessons will also provide confidence when performing in an ensemble or auditioning for any PMEA festival. Contact Mr. Barthen for a complete list of private instructors in the area.

Calendar of Events
Mon. May 14   Band Concert – 7pm – MAHS Auditorium
Tue. May 15    No School
Wed. May 16   Field Commander Audition Meeting – 2:30 – 2:45PM
                        Wind Players Orchestra Rehearsal – 2:30 – 3:30 – H.S. Band Room
Thu. May 17    Wind Players Orchestra Rehearsal – 2:30 – 3:30 – H.S. Band Room
Fri. May 18      Symphonic Band Auditions Tapes Due – 2:30pm
Sun. May 20    Instrumental Banquet
Tue. May 22    Orchestral Wind Rehearsal w/full Orchestra – 2:30 – 3:30pm
Wed. May 23   Orchestra Concert
Mon. May 28 – Memorial Day Parade – Report at 8AM
Tue. May 29 – New Member Color Guard Audition Rehearsal – 6pm-8:30pm
Wed. May 30 – Field Commander Auditions – 3:30pm – H.S. Band Room
                          New Member Color Guard Audition Rehearsal – 6pm-8:30pm

Thu. May 31 – Marching Band Percussion Auditions at MAHS Band Room
                           New Member Color Guard Audition Rehearsal – 6pm-8:30pm

Future Dates
May 20 - Instrumental Music Banquet
May 28 - Memorial Day Parade - Sewickley only AM
June 4 – New Marching Band Parent Meeting – 6PM
June 7 – Color Guard Auditions
June 8 - MAHS Graduation - All Instrumentalists perform

Spring Concert Rehearsals and Concert
     - Rehearsal #1 – May 16th from - 2:30 – 3:45PM (with Jim Rodgers)
     - Rehearsal #2 – May 21st from - 2:30 – 3:45PM (with Jim Rodgers)
     - Concert May 23rd – 7:00 PM – Report Time 6:30 PM


     - Rehearsal #2 – May 22st from - 2:30 – 3:45PM
     - Concert May 23rd – 7:00 PM – Report Time 6:30 PM

INCLUDING Band Members who perform with orchestra

     - May 17th 2018 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM
     - Concert May 23rd – 7:00 PM – Report time 6:30

Congrats to the Honors Orchestra students who performed for the MAHS Honors Night held the evening of May 10th, 2018. We received many compliments from faculty, staff, and parents who expressed their appreciation for your performance. 

On April 27th, Dr. Weller from Messiah College was at Moon Area High School and did masterclasses with both orchestra classes. He gave excellent feedback about their playing and invited students to attend the Messiah College Music Camps this summer. If you are interested, please see me for an informational card or visit the Messiah College website for more information!   

Orchestra students have several upcoming performances in the next few weeks:

- Spring Concert is on May 23rd, 2018 at 7:00 PM. This is a MANDATORY performance and will be graded for ALL Orchestra Students. Report time for all is 6:30 PM to the Orchestra Room. Students will be required to sit in the auditorium to watch the performance. Performance attire is Tux and Gown.

Many students ask for service opportunities and the 4th grade string players would love the help! All of the elementary concerts are listed below, if you child would like to help tune and warm-up with the 4th graders before their concert, they will receive service hour credit. This is not mandatory, but extremely helpful for me and the students during elementary spring concerts. Please let Mrs. Martz know if you are interested – report at 6:15PM to the elementary school, concerts begin at 6:30 PM should end by 7:20 PM. 

May 16th – Broooks
May 17th – Allard
May 21st – Bon Meade
May 22nd – McCormick
May 24th – Hyde 
Graduation (Seniors, it is almost here!) is on June 8th, 2018. All orchestra students are required to perform at graduation. Some students have mentioned to me going out of town for conferences, music camps and mission work. Please make sure that you are EMAILING me if there is a conflict for graduation. The students that have contacted me are already excused (X) in the grade book. All students are responsible for learning graduation music (including seniors) even if you will not be in attendance. 

The Honors Chamber Strings Ensemble will be performing the Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto in A minor, with James Rodgers at our Spring Concert. I have included his bio HERE. After the winter concert, he was so taken by the Corelli Christmas Concerto performance that he asked if he could perform with our students in the Spring. James is a wonderful advocate for music education and is thrilled to be working with our students here at Moon. 
Private lessons are a great way to enhance a student’s personal skill set. We have a list of private lesson teachers in the area, if you are interested, please contact Mrs. Martz.

 Printed copies of clearances can be either dropped in the band room box or mailed to:
c/o Laura Wall
Suite 12, PMB 174
5990 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA  15108

Per the updated MASD policy, Clearances are valid for 5 years
Under PA Law Act 153, The State of Pennsylvania is requiring all adults who volunteer in any capacity within the school to obtain background checks. This will include parents who volunteer to chaperone the MAHS Marching Band at football games, parades, band camps, and trips. Chaperones are required to complete the PA State Police Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse History, and FBI Fingerprints. The FBI Fingerprint is only if the volunteer has not been a state of PA resident for at least 10 years. Please visit for additional information.
OR follow the steps below: 
All necessary instructions and links to apply for these certifications can be found 
Child Abuse Clearance click HERE 
1. Cost: Free
2. Create the account

3. Submit the required information

4. Print certificate and submit to MABPO Secretary
PA Criminal Background Check click HERE
1. Cost: Free
2. Click on "NEW RECORD CHECK" (Volunteers Only)

3. After the record check is complete, click on the blue control number

4. To view the certificate, click on the blue words "Certification Form"
5. Print the certificate and submit to the MABPO Secretary
FBI Fingerprinting click HERE
1. Cost: $27.50
2. Required for volunteers who have lived outside of PA in the last 10 years

3. Register on website

4. Take form to UPS Store or other Cogent Fingerprinting location
5. Receive clearance and contact MABPO Secretary to arrange for original to be copied.
Contact if you have any questions.

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Moon Area Instrumental Newsletter ~ May 14, 2018

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