Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ August 19, 2019

Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ August 19, 2019

Tuesday, August 20 – Teacher In-Service Performance
Thursday, August 22 Band Parents Meeting 7PM
Friday, August 23 – Football @ Montour H.S.

Saturday, August 24 – Auxiliary Car Wash
Friday, August 30 – Football @ MAHS vs. Mars
Friday, August 30 – Senior Recognition Night
Friday, September 13 – Football @ Baldwin HS
Saturday, September 14 – PIMBA at Norwin
Tuesday, September 17 – Band Parents Meeting 7PM
Thursday, September 19 – Homecoming Parade at MAHS
Friday, September 20 – Football @ MAHS vs. Chartiers Valley
Friday, September 27 – Football @ Bethel Park
Saturday, September 28 – BOA Columbus – ALL DAY

A Celebration for our 2020 Band Graduates and their families is just around the corner!  We still need many volunteers so please, considered donating time and food.  All are greatly appreciated! 
RSVP forms were due, Friday August 16th.   

We are still in need of parents to help with setting up the band stand concession stand on the 29th and working the concessions stand on the 30th. Please see the links below and sign up.
*set up on Thursday starts around 6 and takes about 90 minutes.  Drop your child off at band and come on over to help!!
*we are asking for each family to volunteer to work at least one game. 
*pregame and half time are our busiest times so unfortunately you will not be able to see your child perform 
*Senior parents get the night off!
* we ask that you stay til the end of the game to help clean up. We start to clean up between the 3rd and 4th quarters. You will be done in time to pick your child up after the game from the band room- they have to march back to the band room, change and then turn in the uniform. This takes between 30-45 minutes.
Thank you to all of you who have already signed up!!

Please click HERE if you are able to donate snacks.
Thursday August 29 night set up- Click HERE for August 29 setup
Senior Rec Night- Friday August 30- AUGUST 30 SENIOR REC NIGHT SIGN UP 

If you've signed-up to donate snacks for the football and competition season, you can begin bringing them to the school this week. Please leave them in the band room or uniform room if one of the uniform moms are present and Andrea will retrieve them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are still some sign-up slots available to donate snacks if you are interested in doing so. These are snacks that we distribute to the band during games and at competitions.

The September Lottery raffle fundraiser is underway.  Each student should have received 6 lottery tickets and an instruction sheet either at the band parent meeting or in the mail.  Payments and ticket stubs are due on Thursday, August 29.  Winning numbers are based on the 7:00 pm PA lottery drawing each night in September.  Please contact with any questions or for additional tickets.

 Looking for someone to take the lead on painting the senior yard notes at their home. We re-use the wooden notes each year and simply have to paint over last year's senior's names and then stencil and paint the current year's senior's names onto them. It takes no more than a handful of volunteers to get them completed as we have under 20 seniors this year. Mr. Barthen distributes these notes during practice in September so time is of the essence. Please contact Andrea Ward at president@moonband.orgor via text/phone at 412-505-3803. 

Senior Pole notes have been ordered and will be hung along Tiger Trail for the football season. We encourage senior families to purchase their child's pole note to keep as a memento (many use them as a decoration for grad parties). I will advise of price as soon as the final amount has been provided to me but it is typically less than $20.00 so stay tuned. I will also need volunteers to help hang the notes on the light posts once they are received

An email was sent out to those who had indicated an interest in chaperoning on the blue volunteer forms but who hadn't signed up electronically by date asking which dates you are are available to do so. Please advise of your availability at your earliest convenience so that I can complete this season's schedule asap. Feel free to contact Andrea Ward at or via text/call at 412-505-3803 with any questions.

Student accounts have been updated to include payments made for compression shirts and band shoes. Aramark is current through August 3. Thank you.

Tax-Deductible CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP Opportunity.
Do you have a local business you’d like to promote, and support a worthy cause at the same time? Perhaps you work for a Corporation that’s interested in participating in community outreach. MAHS Bands kindly asks that you consider becoming a Corporate Partner. There are several levels of sponsorship to suit all budgets. Please visit the link HERE for more information.
If you have any questions, please contact Maria Johnston at

Once again our Auxiliary Carwash was  a success due to the participation and generosity of our band families and community! Thank you for your time and support. It was greatly appreciated. 
Please, mark your calendars for the event in August:
                Saturday, August 24th from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Clearview Federal Credit Union, 8805 University Blvd., Moon Twp.

MABPO is trying something a little different this year.  To purchase apparel, click HERE.  There is a great assortment of items to show your Moon Area Band pride!  Squadlocker has extended our group a free shipping code.  Please use POOLPARTY3 for free shipping on your order. 

Also, car decal order forms can be found
HERE .  Please, turn orders in by August 23.

Any student who has not paid for their Formal Wear must pay by Friday, September 6th. Payments can be placed in the MABPO mailbox in the Band Room. If there are any questions please contact Heather Park at

 UNIFORM/FLAG HELP FOR MARCHING BAND - We are in need of help in the following areas for the upcoming 2019 marching band season!  WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF ANYONE WHO CAN HELP HEM UNIFORMS! 

CUTTING CREW – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Training will be provided. The cutting crew cuts the individual pieces of flags out then puts the sewing kits together for our flag sewers. Must be available select evenings in August after away band camp. We cut in the art room at the high school.  Good scissors that cut fabric and a good sense of fun are all that is required! 

SEWING CREW – Must have a sewing machine.  There will be a “group review class” for those who need reminded on the basics.  We will be using straight and zigzag stitches.  Flags are sewn at home with detailed sewing instructions and pictures on your machine. However, help is available for anyone who needs it.  Trusted family members or friends are welcome to sew with us as well! (A trusted family member/friend is defined as someone who will accurately sew a flag and return it on time.) Flag sewing takes place during the months of August and September with the final flags being completed by late September. This is a vital area of need and your help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! 

CLEANING CREW – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Training will be provided. Periodically through the year, the uniforms are sent to the dry cleaners for cleaning. When they are returned, the jackets are separate from the pants. The cleaning crew puts the uniforms back together and returns them to the uniform room. Must be available a handful of select evenings throughout the year. 

CHAPERONE CREW – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Training will be provided. After a performance, the students are required to hang their uniforms back in the uniform room neatly. The chaperone crew quickly checks that they have hung their uniform back on the hanger neatly and accurately. This extends the life of our uniforms and keeps them looking crisp. Must be available select evenings before/after football games, competitions, concerts, parades, etc. A schedule will be developed assigning responsibility to each performance.

Please contact Maria Sacherich at (412) 716-2537 for those two areas, but anytime over the summer for the others. Your help is appreciated more than you know!!! Thank you!

Moon Band Parent Organization has a private Facebook group where events are posted.  It is a closed group and you can request access to “Moon Area Band Parent Organization”.  You will be prompted to identify your moon band student and the year they graduate.
As a reminder, please do not post videos on social media where the general public can view them.  This is especially important as we begin the season. 

Graduating Senior band members and band parents for information on membership see the Alumni page.  To join, complete the ALUMNI MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

The next event to work at Heinz Field will be a Pitt game on Saturday, August 31st. The report time is 4 pm. If you’d like to work this game or get more information about earning money through Aramark Fundraising, please contact Heather Park at I am also in need of someone to take over the job of Coordinating the Heinz Field Volunteers. It’s a job that can be done completely on your own time. It’s a good way to get involved in the Band Parent Organization. Please reach out to me to find out more!

The link to take the RAMP training online is below but everyone must attend Grand Slam to work as it is required by the Pirates.
-This training is renewed every 2 years. If you chose to take the course online, there is a fee of $10.
-When asked for the LID # please enter 48228 and send us a copy of your CERTIFICATE when training course is completed.

Please email Chris Zema at  for more information or to get started.

MASD Central Office Administration has asked the marching band to kick-off the teacher school year with a brief performance at M.S. Auditorium on Tuesday, August 20.  If you are in town and are available, please make every effort to attend. Attire is red band shirts and dark shorts.  
10:00AM - Students report to MAHS to grab instruments 
10:15AM - Students walk to MS to warm-up
10:35AM - Students perform
10:55AM - Finished with performances, walk back to MAHS to put instruments away.
11:00AM - Go Home.

Students will need to memorize all music in which the marching band will perform for either halftime or pregame; This includes all of the Competition Show Music (Mvt. 1, 2 & 3), Carry On MyWayward Son, Shake, Atomic Dog, High HopesAlma Mater, Star Spangled Banner, and Fight Song.  Students will be tested on these selections beginning early September, (9/7 - 9/11),  Each student will be given a testing date and will be paired up into a small ensemble with like and unlike instruments.  Students are encouraged and will be more successful if they START NOW memorizing music rather than cramming at the last minute.  Memorizing methods include breaking sections down to be memorized, repetition, closing your eyes and playing the selection, only using your music as a helpful tool, etc.  PARENTS: Please implore that your child start memorizing their music NOW, it will reduce the stress, tears, and will keep you from hearing the Fight Song at 4AM before the day of their test.

Distribution of access codes to the secure portion of on Wednesday, 6/12.  There are various secure folders with information located under the documents section.  Music and information will begin to appear on the web-site.  You must login, (similar to log-in for student account balances), after successful log-in, go to the top right of the page and select Member.  On the next page select Student underneath the list of folders.  A page will open up containing folders of all of the music, which was posted.  Open the folders and select your part to print.  Check back frequently, music will be uploaded once it has been completed.  If there are questions regarding parts, wind players e-mail Mr. Barthen at, and percussion players e-mail Mr. Fear at  PRACTICE YOUR MUSIC!.

The MAHS Color Guard will be holding one final car wash this summer. The next wash will be on August 24 from 9AM – 1:30PM at Clearview FCU on University Boulevard.  All color guard members are encouraged to attend to work in order to help earn money toward their student account for band camp.

Bands Of America Competition at Fortress Obetz, Ohio - September 28
The BOA Mid-Eastern regional competition will be held at Fortress Obetz Athletic Complex, which is near Columbus, Ohio.  The band is slated to perform between 3:00PM - 4:15pm.  We will not know our time until closer to the competition.  This is an all day event, with the band arriving at MAHS at approximately 7AM and returning at 2AM Sunday morning.  Please plan accordingly.

The marching band will be traveling to Virginia Beach in April of 2020 to perform.  Numerous fundraisers are available to off-set the costs of this trip.  Please start now in order to alleviate some of the financial burden of this trip.

Daily Events
Mon. 8/19   Percussion and Guard Rehearsal - 5-9pm – MAHS
Tue. 8/20     Teacher In-Service Day Performance - 10AM-11AM - MAHS
                      Wind Rehearsal - 5pm-9pm – MAHS – Learn Dots
Thu. 8/22   Full Band Rehearsal - 5pm-9pm – MAHS
Fri. 8/23     Football Game @ Montour H.S.
– Report at 4:30PM – Kick-off Montour H.S. is 7:00PM
Sat. 8/24    Color Guard Car Wash at Clearview Federal CU - Moon Twp. 9AM-1PM

Mon. 8/26 - First Day of School
                       Percussion and Guard Rehearsal - 6pm-9pm – MAHS
– Learn Closer Dots
Tue. 8/27 - Wind Rehearsal - 6pm-9pm – MAHS – Ensemble Closer Dots
Thu. 8/29 - Full Band Rehearsal - 6pm-9pm – MAHS
Fri. 8/30 - Football Game vs. Mars - Home - Senior Recognition Night.
– Report is 5:30 PM
Mon. 9/2 - No School/No Rehearsal
– Learn Closer Dots
Thu. 9/5 - Full Band Rehearsal - 6-9pm – MAHS – Learn/Ensemble Closer Dots

Mon. 9/9 - Guard and Percussion Rehearsal - 6pm-9pm – MAHS
Tue. 9/10 - Wind Rehearsal - 6pm-9pm – MAHS
Thu. 9/12 - Full Band Rehearsal - 6-9pm - MAHS - 
Fri. 9/13 - Football Game @ Baldwin H.S.
Sat. 9/14 - PIMBA Show at Norwin H.S. - Report (APPROXIMATE) 1:00PM - performance time TBA?

August 20 - Marching Band In-Service Day Performance - 10AM-11:00AM – MAHS
Week of August 19 - Regular 2 day per week rehearsal schedule - 5pm-9pm (Mon. Guard & Perc; Tue. Winds; Thu. Full)

August 23 - First Football game @ Montour H.S.

Week of August 26 - Regular 2 day per week rehearsal schedule - 
6PM-9PM (Mon. Guard & Perc; Tue. Winds; Thu. Full)
September 14 - Norwin PIMBA Show
September 28 - BOA Columbus - ALL DAY
Week of Oct. 1 - Full Band Rehearsal Tuesdays and Thursdays - 6 PM-9PM

October 12 - PIMBA Show at Moon Area
October 26 - PIMBA Championships at Gateway H.S.
December 16 - MAHS Winter Orchestra Concert - 7:00PM

December 17 - MAHS Winter Band Concert - 7:30PM


 Printed copies of clearances can be either dropped in the band room box or mailed to:
c/o Shea Corsetti
Suite 12, PMB 174
5990 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA  15108

Per the updated MASD policy, Clearances are valid for 5 years
Under PA Law Act 153, The State of Pennsylvania is requiring all adults who volunteer in any capacity within the school to obtain background checks. This will include parents who volunteer to chaperone the MAHS Marching Band at football games, parades, band camps, and trips. Chaperones are required to complete the PA State Police Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse History, and FBI Fingerprints. The FBI Fingerprint is only if the volunteer has not been a state of PA resident for at least 10 years. Please visit for additional information.
OR follow the steps below: 
All necessary instructions and links to apply for these certifications can be found 
Child Abuse Clearance click HERE 
1. Cost: Free
2. Create the account

3. Submit the required information

4. Print certificate and submit to MABPO Secretary
PA Criminal Background Check click HERE
1. Cost: Free
2. Click on "NEW RECORD CHECK" (Volunteers Only)

3. After the record check is complete, click on the blue control number

4. To view the certificate, click on the blue words "Certification Form"
5. Print the certificate and submit to the MABPO Secretary
FBI Fingerprinting click HERE
1. Cost: $27.50
2. Required for volunteers who have lived outside of PA in the last 10 years

3. Register on website

4. Take form to Cogent Fingerprinting location
5. Receive clearance and contact MABPO Secretary to arrange for original to be copied.
Contact if you have any questions.

Check out Moon Band on Facebook
Questions, comments or suggestions contact


Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ August 19, 2019

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