Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ April 29, 2019

Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ April 29, 2019

Sunday, May 5 – Mattress Sale
Monday, May 6 – Percussion Ensemble Concert – 7PM
Friday, May 10 – Jazz Ensemble Concert – 7PM
Monday, May 13 – Spring Band Concert – 7PM
Thursday, May 16 - Band Parent Meeting 7PM
Sunday, May 19 – Instrumental Music Banquet
Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day Parade

Monday, June 3 - New Marcher Camp
Monday, June 3 - New Parent Meeting 7PM
Tuesday, June 4 - New Marcher Camp
Wednesday, June 5 - New Marcher Camp

Wednesday, June 5 – Band Parent Meeting 7PM
Friday, June 7 – Graduation Performance

The Pittsburgh Popcorn fundraiser ends on Tuesday, May 30.  The Master form that was sent to me from the company was for our group order that I submit after I compile all of the band's orders.  I apologize for not realizing that the dollar amounts listed were not consistent with the individual order forms.  Please submit your orders and payments on either a Master order form with corrected dollar amounts or a copy the individual order sheet.  Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Our first annual Mattress Sale is on Sunday, May 5, from 11 am - 5 pm, in the high school auxiliary gym.  Sign-up sheets for student shift help are posted in the band room. 
This is an excellent way to earn funds for your student's account to pay for band camp and/or the 2020 trip.  Please see the Parent Letter & Referral Flyer  for more information. 

Our last fundraiser of the season will be a J&J Enterprises hoagie and pepperoni roll sale.  Orders will be available on line HERE and in the band room.  Please, note that some prices have changed.  The sale begins on Tuesday, April 30.  Order forms and payments will be due on May 14.  Delivery will be on May 22.

If you are interested in working the Garth Brooks Concert at Heinz Field, now is the time to sign up. You can complete the RAMP Training by going to THIS LINK.  The concert is on Saturday, May 18th and the report time is 3:30. The payout will be $125!  This is a great way to get some money into your band student’s account before this summer’s Band Camp!  Please email Heather Park at for more information or to get started.

Our next Grand Slam training will be on May 15th from 4:45-9pm. Everyone will enter through 24 hr security/employee entrance for this where Chris Zema will be with clipboards to have them sign in on.
Aramark will be holding a RAMP alcohol training class on May 14th at PNC from 6-9pm for people who would prefer to take it in person rather than online.
The link to take this online is below but everyone must attend Grand Slam to work as it is required by the Pirates.
-This training is renewed every 2 years. If you chose to take the course online, there is a fee of $10.
-When asked for the LID # please enter 48228 and send us a copy of your CERTIFICATE when training course is completed.

Please email Chris Zema at  for more information or to get started.

Thank you to those parents who attended the April 12th Parent Meeting.  Our annual election for Executive Board Officers took place.  The newly elected board will begin their role on July 1st.  

Please congratulate your 2019/2020 Officers:

President - Andrea Ward
Treasurer - The position of Treasurer is
still open.  If interested, please contact Andrea at
Secretary - Shea Corsetti
VP of Communications - Sarah Schmitz
Co-VP of Concessions - Ginny Kotok
Co-VP of Concessions - Karren Wood
VP of Corporate Partnership – Maria Johnston
VP of Fundraising - Georganna Palmer
VP of Publicity – Beckie Tobin
Please stay informed and keep up to date with your organization.  As always, monthly Meeting Minutes are posted on    Additionally, if you would like to job shadow the current MABPO president, please contact Andrea at

The Band Stand Concession Stand is in need of a new propane gas grill. If you are replacing yours this spring or summer and the one you are replacing is in great working condition, please consider donating your grill to the Band Stand. We will pick it up from your house. Thank you!
Karren and Ginny are looking for volunteers to manage the concession stand for the 2020 marching band season. Anyone interested should contact Karren or Ginny. Ideally two people should co-manage the stand. Those interested would shadow Karren and Ginny this fall.

"Believe it or not, "Away" Band Camp at W&J College is only 4 months away!!! The success of this camp depends heavily on parent volunteers! We need folks to spend the week (for the full week or even for a few days/nights at a time). We need folks to help during the day to keep the kids safe, fed, and hydrated; we need folks to help for evening activities; and we need folks to load/unload and drive the trailers not only to and from W&J but throughout the week while we are there as well.
Please consider volunteering in any way possible. I can confidently state that the memories you make supporting your child during band season will be among your fondest and it all comes to an end too quickly! Please consider using some of your vacation time to show your support and to spend time with your child and other band parents that you wouldn't otherwise. 
Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
Andrea Ward
Cell# 412-505-3803"

Moon Band Parent Organization has a private Facebook group where events are posted.  It is a closed group and you can request access to “Moon Area Band Parent Organization”.  You will be prompted to identify your moon band student and the year they graduate.
As a reminder, please do not post videos on social media where the general public can view them.  This is especially important as we begin the season. 


Don’t forget to order your gift cards for your favorite graduate!  Scrip gift card orders are due Friday, May 10th for delivery at the Band Parent meeting on Thursday May 16th. This will be the last order for the school year. Contact if you have any questions.  
HERE for information on joining our SCRIP program.

May_Calendar is available on Skyward and on the web-site under the Director's Tab

Mattress Sale - Sunday, May 5 from 11AM-5PM - Keep pushing the referrals.  Visit for additional details.

Students - Click link for a video regarding the Mattress Sale! 

 - If the MAHS Band sells 30 + mattresses at the sale, we will place all students who obtain a referral for a mattress in a drawing for a set of Apple AirPods.

Color Guard Ice-Cream Social Wednesday, May 8 at 2:45pm in the Middle School Band Room - For all 8th graders who wish to learn more about joining M.S. Color Guard

Color Guard Audition Information
New Member Audition Rehearsal - May 14, May 15, and May 16 from 6:30 - 8:30
All Member Audition Rehearsal - May 20, May 21, May 22, May 23 from 6-8pm
Auditions - Friday, May 24 beginning at 5:30pm
 - All rehearsals and auditions will take place at the High School.

Field Commander Auditions
Informational Meeting
 - May 15 from 2:30 - 3:00pm
Auditions - May 29 beginning at 3:00pm

New Marcher Camp 
June 3 - June 5 - 6pm-8pm

Memorial Day Parade – Monday, May 27 – Coraopolis Parade
The MAHS Marching Band will be marching in the Coraopolis Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 27.  The parade begins at 1:30pm.  Report time will be around 11AM.  This is a graded performance for all marching band students.

Mattress Sale
 -  Sunday, May 5 from 11AM-5PM - Keep pushing the referrals.  Visit for additional details.


Rehearsal #2 – Wednesday, May 8 – 2:30-4:30pm
Concert – Monday, May 13 – 7:00pm

Rehearsal #1 – Tuesday, April 30 – 2:30-4:30pm
Rehearsal #2 – Thursday, May 9 – 2:30-4:30pm
Concert – Monday, May 13 – 7:00pm

Summer 2019 Band Schedule – UPDATE!!
The completed summer band schedule can be found and downloaded on the web-site (HERE) as well as on the Skyward class site.

Important Summer Dates  
June 10,11,12 – Music Pre-Camp - 5pm-9pm at MAHS
July 23, 24, 25 – Mini Camps
July 29 - August 2 – Home Band Camp
August 4 – 9 – Away Band Camp
August 12 – Begin regular 2 day per week rehearsal schedule (5-9PM)
August 17 – Production Rehearsal - 8AM-4PM

Private Instrumental Lessons
Private Instrumental lessons is a great way to excel on your instrument. Not only will you learn specific techniques on your instrument, from a teacher who is an expert on your instrument, but also it will open doors to new repertoire, solo, ensemble, etc. Private lessons will also provide confidence when performing in an ensemble or auditioning for any PMEA festival. Contact Mr. Barthen for a complete list of private instructors in the area.

Calendar of Events -

Tue. April 30 – Symphonic Band Rehearsal – 2:30-4:30
Wed. May 1 – Jazz Band 1 Rehearsal – 2:30 – 4:00
Thu. May 2 – Jazz Band 2 Rehearsal – 2:30 – 4:00
Sun. May 5 – MAHS Band Mattress Sale

Mon. May 6 – MAHS Percussion Ensemble Concert – 7PM – MAHS Auditorium

Tue. May 7 – Jazz Band 1 Rehearsal – 2:30 – 4:00

Wed. May 8 – Concert Band Rehearsal – 2:30 – 4:30
Thu. May 9 –    Symphonic Band Rehearsal – 2:30 – 4:30
            Jazz Band 2 Rehearsal – 2:30 – 4:00
Fri. May 10 – MAHS Jazz Ensemble Concert – 7PM – MAHS Auditorium
Mon. May 13 - Spring Band Concert - 7PM
Tue. May 14 -  Orchestral Wind Rehearsal - 2:30-3:30
                           New Member Color Guard Camp - 6:30-8:30
Wed. May 15 - Field Commander Audition Meeting - 2:30
                           New Member Color Guard Camp - 6:30-8:30
Thu. May 16 -  New Member Color Guard Camp - 6:30-8:30
Sun. May 19 - Band Banquet at The Fez, Hopewell - 5:00pm
Mon. May 20 - Orchestral Wind Rehearsal - 2:30 - 3:00pm
                            Color Guard Audition Rehearsal - 6-8pm
Tue. May 21      Color Guard Audition Rehearsal - 6-8pm
Wed. May 22 - Orchestral Wind Rehearsal - 2:30 - 4:30pm
                           Color Guard Audition Rehearsal - 6-8pm
Thu. May 23 - Orchestra COncert - 7:00pm
                          Color Guard Audition Rehearsal - 6-8pm
Fri. May 24 - Color Guard Auditions - 5:30pm


April 30 – 2:30-4:30pm - Symphonic Band Rehearsal #1
May 6 – Percussion Ensemble Concert – 7pm
May 8 – 2:30-4:30pm - Concert Band Rehearsal #2
May 9 – 2:30-4:30pm - Symphonic Band Rehearsal #2

May 10 – Jazz Ensemble Concert – 7pm
May 13 – Spring Band Concert – 7pm
May 27 – Memorial Day Parade – Coraopolis Afternoon

June 3,4,5 - New Marcher Camp - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
June 7 – Graduation Performance (All Ensembles Perform)
June 10,11,12 – Music Pre-Camp - 5pm-9pm at MAHS
July 23, 24, 25 – Mini Camps
July 29 - August 2 – Home Band Camp
August 4 – 9 – Away Band Camp
August 12 – Begin regular 2 day per week rehearsal schedule
August 17 – Production Rehearsal


 Printed copies of clearances can be either dropped in the band room box or mailed to:
c/o Shea Corsetti
Suite 12, PMB 174
5990 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA  15108

Per the updated MASD policy, Clearances are valid for 5 years
Under PA Law Act 153, The State of Pennsylvania is requiring all adults who volunteer in any capacity within the school to obtain background checks. This will include parents who volunteer to chaperone the MAHS Marching Band at football games, parades, band camps, and trips. Chaperones are required to complete the PA State Police Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse History, and FBI Fingerprints. The FBI Fingerprint is only if the volunteer has not been a state of PA resident for at least 10 years. Please visit for additional information.
OR follow the steps below: 
All necessary instructions and links to apply for these certifications can be found HERE
Child Abuse Clearance click HERE 
1. Cost: Free
2. Create the account
3. Submit the required information
4. Print certificate and submit to MABPO Secretary
PA Criminal Background Check click HERE
1. Cost: Free
2. Click on "NEW RECORD CHECK" (Volunteers Only)
3. After the record check is complete, click on the blue control number
4. To view the certificate, click on the blue words "Certification Form"
5. Print the certificate and submit to the MABPO Secretary
FBI Fingerprinting click HERE
1. Cost: $27.50
2. Required for volunteers who have lived outside of PA in the last 10 years
3. Register on website
4. Take form to Cogent Fingerprinting location
5. Receive clearance and contact MABPO Secretary to arrange for original to be copied.
Contact if you have any questions.

Check out Moon Band on Facebook
Questions, comments or suggestions contact



Moon Area Band Newsletter ~ April 29, 2019

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