MARCH 2018

MARCH 2018

Moon Area Band Parent Organization Meeting

March 8, 2018

Submitted by Laura Wall, MABPO Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 7:12pm.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


The minutes from the February 2018 meeting have been posted.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Lynne VandenBosche and seconded by Cindy Stathers.


Treasurer’s Report, Vicki Hricz

Please check the website for a current balance on your student’s account.


Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Georganna Palmer and seconded by Grace Cap.


Band Director’s Comments, Mr. Nick Barthen

  1. Thank you to people who helped on the Florida trip. It was a successful trip.

  2. Winterguard - The guard is doing well. Upcoming events: Mar 10 - Gateway, Apr 7 - Championships @ Kiski

  3. Three students made All-State Band in April.

  4. Musical - Mar 15, 16, 17, 18 - Music is coming along with the pit orchestra. We were fortunate to have so many student volunteers and only had to hire out a couple of parts.

  5. MIOSM (Music in Our Schools Month) concert - March 20 @ 7pm - volunteers are needed to distribute tickets - Report time for volunteers is 5:45pm.

  6. May 7 Jazz Concert - Concert may be changed to May 11 due to availability of guest performer, Ralph Lalama.

  7. May 7 Percussion ensemble - This concert will still be held as scheduled even if the Jazz concert is moved to May 11.

  8. May 14 - Concert Band/Symphonic Band/8th grade band concert

  9. May 20 - Instrumental Music Banquet at The Fez, Aliquippa.

  10. May 28 - Memorial Day Parade - Sewickley parade in the morning and then we are done for the day.


Strings Director Comments, Mrs. Megan Martz

Not Present


President’s Comments, Sherri Von Stein

  1. Florida Trip - Thank you to the volunteers who helped check-in luggage, check-in meds, load buses, chaperones, took photos, and our paramedic.

  2. MIOSM Concert - We need volunteers to distribute tickets. Please see Sherri Von Stein if you are available. Report time is 3/20 @ 5:45pm.


Membership Composition of MABPO - Discussion

  1. Current membership of the organization is a combination of band and orchestra parents/guardians.

  2. The majority of members are band parents.

  3. Orchestra parent participation is slim to none.

  4. Orchestra staff has participated in one meeting in the last two years.

  5. Five orchestra parents have attended five MABPO meetings in the last five years.

  6. Various members of the Executive Committee gathered statistics related to fundraising participation, membership, and meeting attendance. This information was presented to those in attendance by Mrs. Von Stein.

  7. Additional information for consideration: A major error by Orchestra staff cost the MABPO over $1100. Non-refundable monies for 3 students listed as participating who, in fact, had declined to participate, were paid by the MABPO for hotel rooms and bus transportation.

  8. Based on the presented information and feedback from previous conversations with orchestra parents, a proposal has been made to eliminate orchestra membership from the MABPO.

  9. The proposal will be voted on in April at the next MABPO meeting.

  10. If the proposal is successful, changes to the bylaws will need to be made. The only changes to the bylaws would involve changing verbiage from “instrumental music” to “band”.

  11. Any changes to membership and bylaws would be effective July 1 (2018-19 MABPO year).

  12. A notice of the proposal will be placed in next week’s newsletter.

Nominations Committee Report

  1. Mrs. Von Stein called on the Committee Chair, Cindy Stathers to report on the proposed ballot for the upcoming election.

  2. Mrs. Stathers reported the following proposed ballot: President - Andrea Ward, Secretary - Shea Corsetti, Treasurer - Vicki Hricz, VP Communications - Sarah Schmitz, VP Corporate Partnership - Mike Connors, VP Fundraising - Georganna Palmer, VP Publicity - Grace Cap, VP Concessions - no candidate at this time.

  3. No nominations were proposed from those in attendance.

  4. A motion was made to close nominations by Mike Connors and seconded by Amy Clark.

  5. The final ballot to be voted on at the next meeting in April is as follows: President - Andrea Ward, Secretary - Shea Corsetti, Treasurer - Vicki Hricz, VP Communications - Sarah Schmitz, VP Corporate Partnership - Mike Connors, VP Fundraising - Georganna Palmer, VP Publicity - Grace Cap, VP Concessions - no candidate at this time.


Scholarship Committee Report

  1. We still need a couple of additional volunteers.

  2. Information for graduating Seniors needs to be mailed out soon so please contact us to join the committee.


Calendar of Events

Please see calendar on website for a complete and current listing of important events.


Committee Reports


VP Corporate Partnership, Mike Connors



Treasurer Report, Vicki Hricz

Specific inquiries regarding your child’s account should be directed to


Communications, Sarah Schmitz

Not present.


Fundraising, Georganna Palmer

Pittsburgh Popcorn orders due tonight.

Spring Fling basket raffle tickets were mailed yesterday.

Spaghetti Dinner tickets will be mailed out soon.

Sign-up Genius for the Spring Fling raffle gift cards is available now.

Sign-up Genius for the Spaghetti Dinner volunteers/donations available soon.

Upcoming fundraiser: April/May J&J Hoagie Sale


Secretary, Laura Wall



Band Stand, Kathy Keppel



Publicity, Grace Cap

Flyer for the Spaghetti Dinner will be available in Monday’s newsletter.


Alumni, Cindy Bartus

SCRIP orders to be donated to the basket raffle are due Mar 23 (Fri) and will be delivered Mar 28 (Wed).


Next meeting is scheduled for 4/12/18 @ 7pm preceded by a closed Executive Board meeting at 6pm.


With no further comments or questions, a motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Hricz and seconded by Mrs. Sinclair.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm.