Moon Area Band Parent Organization Meeting

Sept 21, 2017

Submitted by Laura Wall, MABPO Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The minutes from the August 2017 meeting have been posted. 

Motion to accept the minutes was made by Cindy Stathers and seconded by Andrea Ward.


Treasurer’s Report, Vicki Hricz

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted by Vicki Hricz.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Sarah Schmitz and seconded by Linda Konley.

Band Director’s Comments, Mr. Nick Barthen

Congratulations to everyone on the BOA success. Thank you to all the volunteers.

PIMBA reminders - During the day of our PIMBA there is also a coaches clinic which will impact our parking situation. The Beaver Grade Road entrance will be closed at some point after noon. Please remind your committee that is best to use the University Blvd entrance.

Strings Director Comments, Mrs. Megan Martz

Not Present

President’s Comments, Sherri Von Stein

Turn in any forms that haven’t been turned in yet Membership forms and dues, Communication forms so you’ll receive emails (remember to check your SPAM/Junk Mail)- Check the website weekly at

Turn in snacks for band - Thank you to those who have already donated and/or signed up to donate

Thursday September 28th will be Senior Yard Band Note and Jacket distribution night.  It will take place at approximately 8:45pm after practice on the Middle School lot.

Mon, Oct 23 - Orchestra pictures will be taken and Senior Note distribution will occur.


Alumni - selling apparel, selling “Bloom” shirts, wrist bands, novelty buttons, light up flowers if available, various $10 gift cards - will be feeding Moon Band dinner

Band Stand - email coming out to volunteers regarding report times and parking

Bake Sale - drop off 9:30-10 Saturday morning, need help to pack items on Saturnday morning

Clean-up help - everyone should stay to help

Parking - Beaver Grade Rd entrance closed sometime after 12pm; parking people will be working 8am Saturday to 8am Sunday in various capacities

Welcome Center - 10 kids signed up; can use 2 more; letters will be written afterward for those who need volunteer hours; kids report at 4:30pm

Guest Band hosts - stamp hands of guest band students before they get off the buses

Candygrams - pre-orders are being taken

Tickets - VIP admission tickets have been given to corporate partners

PIMBA programs - pre-orders tonight $6 or at the competition for $6

Chaperones - Report time is the same as the students

Calendar of Events

Please see calendar on website for a complete and current listing of important events.

Alumni Association, Cindy Bartus

Monthly schedule for Scrip Orders will be available on the website.

Buy gift cards for places that you go anyway. Orders are due the Friday before the Parent Meeting.

Membership drive is going on now. Graduates and parents of graduates are eligible to join.

December - Annual Craft ‘n Sip will be happening again. Bring the wreath you’ve ordered from the greenery sale.

Uniform Coordinator, Denise Wolf

Formal wear order has been submitted and should be delivered within the next two weeks.

Saturday night the uniforms are going for dry cleaning.

Next week (probably Thursday) help is needed to rehand the uniforms.

Committee Reports

VP Corporate Partnership, Mike Connors

This year the program is being revamped. It is being adjusted to get more community involvement.

Treasurer Report, Vicki Hricz

Please see report from earlier in agenda.  Specific inquiries regarding your child’s account should be directed to

Communications, Sarah Schmitz

More communications forms are needed from the orchestra families.

If you aren’t getting emails, check the junk/spam folder. You can also send an email to to let Sarah Schmitz know that you are not receiving the weekly email.

Fundraising, Georganna Palmer

Hoagies were delivered yesterday.

5 Generations bread sale is happening now.

Newme’s Pies sale starts in October.

Light-up bracelets are still available at $5 each.

Secretary, Laura Wall

Please continue to submit clearances. Printed copies should be dropped in the band room mail box.

Band Stand, Kathy Keppel

Sign-up Genius is available for the Homecoming football game.

Publicity, Grace Cap

Mr. Barthen was on KDKA @ 6:30am Sunday morning.

Senior Rec Night - planning meeting is set for 9/26 @ 6pm in MAHS Cafeteria

Student and parent apparel - a 2nd round of sales is happening


Next meeting is scheduled for 10/19/17 @ 7:00pm.  Meeting is preceded by a closed Executive Board meeting @ 6:00pm. Weinstein Chiropractic will join us to give a stress talk.

With no further comments or questions, a motion to adjourn was made by Cindy Stathers and seconded by Andrea Ward.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:36pm.