October 2016

October 2016


Moon Area Band Parent Organization Meeting

October 20, 2016

Submitted by Laura A Wall, Secretary, MABPO

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The minutes from the September 2016 meeting have been posted. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Mrs. Gribben and seconded by Mrs. Cross.

Treasurer’s Report, Joe DeNardo 

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted by Joe DeNardo. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Mrs. Wolf and seconded by Mrs. Dodrill.

President’s Comments, Sherri Von Stein 

Thank you to the Joe Estermyer for working on our federal tax forms.

Website – Phase 3 of the website is coming. This phase will include the alumni. Access will be limited due to security reasons.

Thank You – Thank you to chaperones and truck crew who have worked up to this point. We have had many new helpers and it has been an enjoyable season.

Thank You – Thank you for snack donations. We currently have enough.

Thank You – Thank you to the Daugherty's for the coordination of meals for the band, chaperones, and staff for competitions.

Bandstand – Setup tonight for tomorrow’s game. We need a griller and a fill-in helper. We now accept credit and debit cards.

Senior Notes – These were distributed on 9/22. Please return them on time next summer to Sherri Von Stein’s house. You will receive an email reminder next summer. Thank you to the Pelkington’s who did an amazing job painting and repairing the notes. Thank you also to the volunteers who assisted with the painting and repairs.

Tour Shirts – Please see Mrs. Von Stein tonight to purchase a shirt.

Glow Sticks – Please see Mrs. Wall tonight for glow sticks. We are distributing them for you to use in the crowd to show support for the band during the PIMBA competitions.

Senior Rec Night – It was great. Thank you to all the volunteers. Thank you to the alumni parents who made the “heads” for the Senior parents. Thank you also to Mrs. Von Stein for making the “Class of 2017” buttons for the Seniors.

Trunk or Treat – This event will be held 10/27 in the Administration Parking Lot behind the school. Please plan for 130 kids.

PIMBA Championships, Moon Tiger Stadium, October 29, 2016

  • Bake Sale – Georganna Palmer/Cathie Lutz, Co-Chairs - Doing good with help and donations
  • Basket Raffle – Andrea Ward, Chair – If you have any merchandise or know of anyone who would be willing to donate please contact Andrea.
  • Band Stand – Jen Daugherty, Chair – need 4 more people; need a side dish like pierogis; need a 2pm person to help get food ready to feed our kids and be a runner; need 2 people to help with pizza and hot chocolate; will close during Moon’s performance
  • Candygrams – Vikki Buncie, Chair – Please buy for your child. Think about buying them for your child’s friends who may not get them. You may want to consider adopting a section to give them candygrams.
  • Guest Band Host – Jamie Zelazny, Chair – Need one more host.
  • Judges Hospitality – Grace Cap, Chair – need to be ready by 4pm; get here 2:30-3pm for set-up; meeting Tues, 10/25
  • Tents – If you’re bringing a tent Thursday, bring it to the Bandstand. If you’re bringing it Saturday, bring it near the Field House.
  • Hospitality/Welcome Tent – Denise Wolf, Chair – staffed with 10 students
  • Parking – Ron Cross/Bob Stathers, Co-Chairs – need 4 more volunteers to make 10 total
  • Programs – Sherri Von Stein – at the printer – 84 pages
  • Tickets – Elizabeth Gayoso, Chair – need 1 more person; will handle 50/50, programs, admissions, basket raffle
  • Chaperones – Karen Chodikov, Lead – will eat with the band; meal purchased by the Alumni organization
  • Marketplace – outdoor concession, fry tent, merchandise tent, candygrams, bake sale, Perry’s Panoramic, alumni sweatshirts/t-shirts for sale

Alumni – Cindy Bartus - SCRIP - $2100 has been ordered to date – You can order for the Bountiful Basket raffle and the cards will be delivered in time for the basket raffle; Craft ‘n Sip planned for December to decorate wreaths. The alumni group is also taking orders for alumni apparel. Please email alumni@moonband.org with questions. The “Bandanas” have offered to buy the meal for the band on PIMBA Championships day.

Calendar of Events

Please see calendar on website for a complete and current listing of important events. If you have not done so already, please sync your calendar with the band/orchestra Google calendar.

Band Director’s Comments, Mr. Nick Barthen


Strings Director Comments, Mrs. Megan Martz


Committee Reports

Band Stand, Jen Daugherty


Secretary, Laura Wall 

Treasurer, Joe DeNardo 

Please see report from earlier in agenda. Specific inquiries regarding your child’s account should be directed to Treasurer@moonband.org.

Communications, Laurie Caraher

Read the weekly newsletter.

Fundraising, Georganna Palmer

The Lottery calendar sale is complete. Hoagie sale is done. Candle delivery is at least 2-3 weeks behind due to production being behind. Pie orders are due on 10/25. Wreath orders are due 10/27. Colorguard is holding an Origami Owl fundraiser. The Sarris Candy sale starts next week with delivery scheduled for 12/14. Bountiful basket raffle fundraiser tickets must be returned before Thanksgiving in order for the tickets to be eligible to win. The basket consists of at least $400 of gift cards from local retailers and restaurants. The number will be pulled on Black Friday. The Pancake Breakfast/Cookie Walk is scheduled for 12/18.

Publicity, Grace Cap

The flyer for the PIMBA Championships is on the website. Please print and post in as many places as possible. Listen to KDKA Radio on Monday, 10/24 at 9pm to hear Mr. Barthen talk with Rob Pratte about the upcoming PIMBA Championships.

VP Corporate Partnership, Christianne & Andy Gribben

Lots of work is being done sourcing out corporate partners. The Gribben's have encouraged larger donations. Tyler Mountain Water has agreed to donate bottles of water for the water table at Championships.

Next meeting is scheduled for Nov 17, 2016 @ 7PM. Closed Executive Board meeting @ 6PM to precede the Parent Meeting.

With no further comments or questions, a motion to adjourn was made by Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Daugherty.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM.